Pusey Church

All Saints Church

Pusey Oxfordshire UK

This lovely small mid-18th century church is located in the south-east corner of the small village of Pusey.

The brief was to redecorate the interior of the church using soft distemper. The church had been painted with modern emulsion which did not let the walls breath and the moisture from the floor and walls was not able to evaporate. The walls were originally plastered in lime plaster which is a breathable material and the coat of modern emulsion acted like a layer of plastic over the surface, the moisture sitting on top of the paint made the church very damp.

Working in a small team the old emulsion paint was carefully stripped off using steamers and scrapers, as chemical strippers could damage the lime plaster. In some areas the later addition of a concrete damp proof course meant that only chemical stripper could penetrate through the emulsion and oil sealers. A coat of claircolle (primer used for porous walls) was applied followed by two coats of soft distemper.

Specialist painting

Other specialist decorative finishes

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